SPS Connect 2020: Program published

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The preliminary program of this year’s SPS Connect, which is scheduled to take place on 24–26 November 2020, has now been published on the website of event organizer Mesago Messe Frankfurt.

Along with the latest topics of interest in the automation industry, those planning to participate can look forward to well-known speakers from the realms of business and science. With Siemens on board as its official partner, this virtual edition of SPS – Smart Production Solutions promises to be a real highlight at the end of the year.

In a year marked by quite a few changes, the SPS plans to offer the automation industry an intelligent platform for sharing ideas and knowledge and making further advancements in related technologies. Just like at the past on-site events, its organizers have prioritized the latest relevant topics in putting together a compelling program for the virtual SPS Connect. Each day will feature not only presentations on smart digital automation, but also two areas of focus that will be explored further in keynotes, expert talks, discussion panels, and contributions from exhibitors.

The subjects covered will range from cybersecurity, production IT, robotics, functional safety, motion, DC infrastructure, and AI to intelligent operating concepts, sensor technology, Industry 4.0, digital twins, and industrial communication. All this will be complemented by current topics such as the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the industry. ZVEI president Dr. Gunther Kegel, for example, will be holding a presentation entitled “Coronavirus – A Catalyst for Digitalization?”

Meanwhile, those who have signed up to give expert talks include Gerd Hoppe (part of the corporate management team at Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG) on the topic of the cloud and GAIA-X, and Dr. Marco Link (CEO of ADAMOS GmbH) on extracting value from machine data. Frank Hakemeyer (director of marketing and communication interface development at Phoenix Contact) and Dr. Andreas Müller (chairman of 5G-ACIA) will also be on hand to discuss the relevance of 5G. Finally, a number of other experts will present their latest technologies and methods, including in connection with TSN, OPC UA, and single-pair Ethernet.

At the same time, the SPS Connect will also offer intriguing networking opportunities, thanks to a matchmaking function powered by AI. This innovative highlight will bring exhibitors and participants together based on their profile data, user behavior, and the information they themselves provide on what they offer or need.

SPS Connect and Siemens join forces
For this year’s SPS Connect, Mesago Messe Frankfurt has found an ideal partner in Siemens, which has long been the most prominent SPS exhibitor and a member of the corresponding exhibitor advisory board. “We’re proud to have a strong partner like Siemens at our side,” affirms Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President for SPS. “They’re one of the pillars of the SPS, and we’re happy to be working together even more closely as part of this virtual event.”

In various discussion panels and expert talks, Siemens will be offering extensive insights into cutting-edge technologies like AI, 5G, 3D printing, and edge and cloud computing.

“The SPS plays a key role for Siemens as a platform for in-depth technical discussions and opportunities to engage with those in attendance. This has enabled us to build long-standing customer relationships and ever-stronger partnerships. We’re looking forward to supporting the virtual SPS Connect and using our involvement to stay in touch with our customers in order to continue working with them on driving the industry’s digital transformation.

With that goal in mind, we’re going to bring more intelligence to product design and manufacturing by combining automation and digitalization solutions with future technologies like AI, edge and cloud computing, and additive manufacturing. At our own virtual event – ‘Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog’, which is scheduled for 26 November 2020 – we plan to delve into these topics in one-on-one conversations and present further highlights in a virtual 3D showroom,” states Marcus Bliesze, Marketing Director, Factory Automation, Siemens Digital Industries.


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