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BOS 21M photoelectric sensor family with IO-Link

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The BOS 21M photoelectric sensor family features a universal form factor, an especially rugged housing and various function principles that make it highly flexible even in harsh industrial environments. It stands out with generous range and high function reserves. Available red light versions are energetic diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam type with 1 m, 8 m and 20 m range.

All sensors feature the metal housing with dimensions of 51.1 × 42.7 mm × 15.4 mm. It offers increased sealing and IP 67 or IP69K protection. Ecolab approval is also standard. A highlight in the truest sense of the word is the highly visible red light. Even in daylight they can be aligned quickly and precisely. With exact switching response and high repeat accuracy the BOS 21M detects objects of all kinds. For example they detect cartons on a conveyor belt as easily as they reliably check parts for presence.

The integrated IO-Link interface (V1.1, 38.4 kBaud) offers all the traditional advantages from convenient installation using plug-and-play to easy diagnostics. In SIO mode a digital output with selectable PNP switching function (NO/NC) is also available. With a switching frequency of up to 1 Hz continuous detection of even fast events are no special challenge for the sensor.

Attaching the BOS 21M is simple: two integrated dovetail guides on the housing, holes in the housing or use of an optional bracket offer maximum freedom in installation. With a 240° rotating, standardized 4-pin M12 connector connection of the BOS 21M is fast.

All versions can be precisely set using the potentiometer. Two color LEDs easily visible from any direction properly provide information at a glance. They indicated among other things the operating state, function reserves as well as any contamination present.


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