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Emerson’s New Motion Control Portfolio

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Emerson announced its new PACMotion™ servo motion control portfolio to offer an integrated automation solution for high-performance industrial applications. The portfolio includes a new motion controller that connects directly into the PACSystems™ RX3i programmable logic controller backplane for high-speed, high-precision performance with synchronized motion for up to 40 coordinated axes, enabling end users to scale up their motion systems without sacrificing performance.

The complete PACMotion portfolio includes motion controller, servo motors, servo drives and motion configuration software for applications in packaging, printing, material handling, semiconductors, food & beverage, and general manufacturing. The new PACMotion PMM345 motion controller operates exclusively with PACSystems™ RX3i controllers, simplifying the architecture for seamless integration, while enabling higher speeds and greater precision.

Emerson’s patented technology enables precise, jerk-free positioning, preventing material slippage and production losses and improving machine efficiency. On-the-fly electronic reconfiguration allows users to implement rapid changeovers without stopping production to deliver shorter production runs and increased machine utilization.

“This new portfolio continues Emerson’s commitment and investment to expand its offerings to serve a broad range of industries,” said Derek Thomas, vice president of marketing and strategy for Emerson’s machine automation solutions business. “Our comprehensive control and motion portfolio simplifies design, development and commissioning with a single platform and toolset for discrete and hybrid manufacturers, and when combined with Emerson’s industrial edge technology, enables customers to create intelligent machines with advanced IIoT capabilities for even greater productivity and efficiency.»


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