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EtherCAT with distributed clocks

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The complete BLDC motor series dPro from Dunkermotoren is now also available with EtherCAT interface. The dPro versions are available with integrated servo controller (BG 66 dPro EC to BG 95 dPro EC) or as external version (BGE 5510 dPro EC).

In contrast to the previous EtherCAT product portfolio, a special highlight is Distributed Clocks and the associated possibility of real-time synchronization in the millisecond range. A large number of brushless motors of the BG series in the power range from 10 W to 1100 W are controlled via the industrial Ethernet interface (CoE protocol).

Easy integration of the units into the Beckhoff TwinCAT environment is guaranteed with the help of a simply explained «Let’s Connect» manual and the appropriate parameter files (ESI). Early next year, the EtherCAT drive units will be equipped with another «must have» feature. With the safety function «Safe Torque Off», the motors will be found in the future in numerous autonomous vehicles (AGV or AGV) or in traditional mechanical engineering.


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