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Robotic solutions for the advancement of medicine

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For the first time Stäubli presents itself at the international trade fair MEDICA in Düsseldorf. Stäubli Robotics is one of the pioneers when it comes to automation in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. During the late 80s, early 90s, the world’s first operations on humans were performed with Stäubli robots.

From November 16 to 19, 2020 Stäubli will show at its digital stand, what its wide range of solutions in the field of patient care looks like today. Staubli will demonstrate the performance of our robots using practical demonstration cells.

Stäubli will show an assistance robot for minimally invasive operations as well as TX2 six-axis robots in the field of medical technology, which are characterized by high precision and cleanroom suitability.

As the market leader in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we can provide suitable six-axis robots for a wide range of other medical applications. These robots operate with a precision in the hundredths of a millimeter range with maximum reliability and without vibration. Surgeons confirm to us that no human being can guide a surgical tool as precisely as our robots.


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