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SEW-EURODRIVE is expanding its MOVI-C® modular automation system to include new drive units for decentralized installation

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The new decentralized MOVIMOT® advanced drive unit is characterized by its individuality and ease of use. It complements the previous MOVI-C® portfolio in terms of functionality and consistency. It therefore expands the possible applications of the decentralized drive technology, which has a strong track record stretching back decades.

By integrating an energy-efficient asynchronous motor from the DRN.. (IE3) range with the new decentralized inverter from the MOVI-C® modular automation system, the decentralized drive unit achieves maximum system efficiency IES2 to IEC 61800-9-2. Thanks to its integrated digital interface, MOVIMOT® advanced is both straightforward and convenient to start up. Encoder or sensor signals can be evaluated without additional installation work. Its compatibility with all standard gear units from series 7 and 9 ensures versatile and flexible use. Moreover, the optional integrated load disconnector makes it possible to disconnect the drive unit from the supply system without switching off the entire system.

The low-noise MOVIMOT® drive unit with a very high overload capacity is integrated into standard permanent-magnet synchronous motors with high efficiency (IE4 and higher). It is characterized by excellent dynamics, a large speed range and fanless operation. It is equipped with either the DynaStop® electrodynamic retarding function or a brake. The motors in this series can also be combined with the modular gear unit system from the 7 and 9 series.

The application-oriented and energy-efficient MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit combines motor, gear unit and inverter in one housing. Through the optimal and highly efficient integration of the various components (IE5, IE2S), this solution is very compact, allows for a reduction of the number of variants, and is characterized by excellent dynamics, fanless operation and low noise. The drive unit is equipped with the DynaStop® electrodynamic retarding function. It is ideal for applications that involve regular cleaning and are subject to special hygienic design requirements.


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