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Baumüller offers the water-cooling method for a wide range of motor sizes

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As the specialist in drive and automation systems, Baumüller has been offering water-cooled electric motors for many years. With the new portfolio in the area of water-cooled motors, this cooling option is now available virtually throughout the entire product portfolio, from the servomotor in the size 45 to the torque motor in the size 560. Many applications, for example, in the textile industry, plastic processing, food processing industry or in forming and bending machines benefit from water-cooled motors.

Twice the power
The most important advantage is the power of the motors, which is up to 50 % higher with water-cooled servo motors than with the uncooled version. Motors can therefore have smaller dimensions, can provide greater dynamics and at simultaneously high torques, which is made possible by the very good cooling properties.

Compact and reliable
Another important advantage is that the heat is dissipated directly on the motor. Motors can thus be positioned close together without the system overheating. This results in a drive system that is significantly more compact. Because the heat is already dissipated inside the machine, even temperature-sensitive products can be processed, e.g. in the food industry.

There is also less dependence on environmental conditions with water-cooled motors. The effectiveness of fan cooling diminishes as ambient temperature rises. In addition, impurities in the air result in the contamination of fans, the cleaning of which generates service costs. Water-cooled motors can also be optimally cooled at a high ambient temperature, thus eliminating the need for fans that have to be cleaned and serviced.

ith its complete portfolio of water-cooled motors, Baumüller offers high scalability. The Baumüller servo motors are available with water cooling in the sizes 45 to 132. The main drives are available in a water-cooled version in the size range 100 to 280, and the torque motors in the size range 135 to 560. A particular advantage of the new water cooling for servo motors in size 45 and 56 is that the water cooling can be directly installed in the motor housing and not in an additional enclosure. Thus the dimensions of the water-cooled servo motors are the same as for the uncooled versions. The increased power thus does not come at the expense of compactness.

The cooling of the motors can also use oil, in addition to water. This is an advantage for servo-hydraulic systems that already have oil available in the machine.


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