Mitsubishi Electric Vision Sensor

Simple integration of SICK vision technology with Mitsubishi Electric Devices

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A joint solution for easy integration of vision technology is now available. Machine builders, systems integrators and end users can now quickly realise inspection, validation, position detection and quality control applications built around SICK cameras and Mitsubishi Electric Devices.

The solution has been developed for applications across a number of different industries, including automotive, food and beverage, life sciences, machine building and OEM design. It combines a SICK vision camera with ready-built and tested function blocks for the Mitsubishi Electric GX Works PLC programming environment. This makes it simple to set up vision applications on Mitsubishi Electric PLCs. Users will also have the assurance of full support from Mitsubishi Electric and SICK.

Both companies believe that vision solutions provide essential information that can enhance a whole range of automation processes. But more than that, they are the eyes of Industry 4.0 and therefore a key element of the digital transformation of industry.

SICK and Mitsubishi Electric have worked together closely for a number of years. Now they are taking that collaboration to the next level, as SICK joins the e-F@ctory Alliance. This has led to a newly developed solution, which makes it easier than ever for users to embed vision technology into applications such as product manufacturing, handling and packaging.


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