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993 PROFINET encoder with pre-mounted cable

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Leine Linde encoders are easy to fit and integrate with your control system. This is vital, for example, when you want to minimize downtime related to installation of new machines in an existing production set-up.

With a pre-mounted PROFINET cable the installation of this PSE 993 encoder was made even easier than before. The PROFINET cable is measured to fit one of our customers’ specific installation. Once the encoder is mounted, no more work is needed at the machine axis and the cable can be plugged in to the control system at the other end.

Similar solutions can be applied to most Leine Linde encoders, where the required cable length is known. Contact us if you are interested in mounting and cable options that minimize encoder installation work and required downtime related to upgrades or modifications of your machinery.

The PSE 993 PROFINET encoder is part of our 900 series of encoders that enable absolute, high-resolution feedback.


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