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Compact Fork Light-Barrier Sensors

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Contrinex announces the next generation of its innovative LG Series fork light-barrier sensors with IO-Link connectivity, offering a powerful combination of simplicity, multi-mode operation and compactness. With high-resolution and high-speed sensing as standard, LG compact light barriers are Ideal for general position- and presence-sensing in industrial environments.

Robust and highly versatile, these metal-cased devices are backwards compatible with previous LGS models and allow four modes of operation – standard, high-resolution, power and high-speed – plus the convenience of a push-pull output. Equipped with the industry-standard IO-Link protocol, they provide a choice of manual or remote set-up and adjustment, simplifying installation while saving time and money.

Multi-mode operation makes flexibility the norm

With a choice of four preconfigured operating modes, LG fork sensors cater for an entire spectrum of application needs. Standard mode provides switching frequencies up to 5,000 Hz with a resolution of 0.3 mm, while high-resolution mode ensures precise detection of small objects down to 0.1 mm in size.

Where the environment requires it, switching to power mode increases the transmission power of the sensor, reducing its sensitivity to dirt or other contamination. For high-speed applications, speed mode drives the switching frequency as high as 14,000 Hz, ensuring reliable sensing of fast-moving targets.

Application-specific configuration keeps inventory costs down

Combining multi-mode operation with a push-pull output provides engineers with complete flexibility to configure each sensor to suit the application on hand. Once installed, each sensor’s configuration is stored on a local IO-Link Master, allowing true plug-and-play operation and eliminating the need to stock multiple sensor variants in spares inventory.

Integrated emitter and receiver save space and simplify installation

The compact design of the LG Series accommodates the photoelectric emitter and receiver in a single housing, saving space and ensuring precise alignment. The need for on-site adjustment is eliminated, and an integral M8 3-pin connector allows quick and easy connection to the local control system. Mounting could hardly be simpler, with a choice of cast-in clearance holes for M4 fixings. In busy manufacturing plants where time is of the essence, Contrinex LG fork sensors have all the answers.


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