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The new EAO E-Stop Switch Configurator

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EAO has created an interactive virtual 3D tool in the form of the Emergency Stop Configuration Tool to help engineers and designers intuitively configure modular products to meet their individual requirements. The configuration tool is available with immediate effect around the clock on the EAO website.

EAO’s globally certified emergency stop switches need to meet specific requirements in various industries, which is why they are constructed from various components that can be configured in a variety of ways – but this flexibility can also lead to uncertainty when choosing the right product. The Emergency Stop Configuration Tool was developed to improve the customer experience. It offers access to more than 130 components and accessories that can be individually assembled to create more than 2,000 different custom combinations.

A solution that is unique throughout the industry

To prevent mistakes in the ordering process, the system will only suggest compatible components, enabling customers to access the right product as quickly and efficiently as possible – and, thanks to the responsive user interface, this can be done from any device from a desktop PC to a mobile system.

To make the end product more tangible, all components and product configurations are rendered server-side as photorealistic 3D representations and displayed in real time. Different material characteristics that, for example, affect surface texture or light reflections, are precisely simulated in line with their real-life equivalents. The product visualisation is further enhanced with various “Experience Views”, where the appearance of the product in rotation can be simulated on a measurement grid, in its mounted position, or in darkness.

Target-group specific accounts

The 3D configuration tool offers not only useful visualisation features but also an excellent user friendliness that takes into account the needs of different target groups and is based on the validated findings of extensive user experience research. For example, CAD data is automatically generated for each selected configuration and this data can be used directly by engineers and product designers. Specific “quick profiles” have also been set up for both target groups. Designers can use eight visualised product features such as mounting hole, illumination and environmental protection rating to find the right emergency stop switch for them, while engineers can filter directly according to each technical criteria.

Flexible e-commerce functions

The Emergency Stop Configuration Tool, along with the entire experience that it entails, is now integrated seamlessly into the EAO website and is therefore available around the clock. With integration into the checkout processes of renowned global distributors, customers can ultimately decide for themselves where they want to perform their order process.

Uncompromisingly customer-focused

One of the most essential features is the consistency of the customer focus throughout the entire user journey and at every digital touchpoint. This ensures that the configuration of emergency stop switches is integrated into a premium customer experience that is a guiding example for the successful digitalisation of product consulting services.


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