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The Progea driver for Fatek PLCs is available for downloading

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Progea, as part of the Emerson group, has created a new native and integrated communication driver to allow Movicon.NExT users to connect to FATEK PLC products in a way that is simple, direct and intuitive.

FATEK Automation Corp. resides in Taiwan and has been producing automation devices, and in particular FB and HB PLC series, since 1992.

The FATEK PLCs are used in many areas for their simplicity of use and cost effectiveness. This is the reason why Progea decided to create and integrate a native Ethernet communication driver in the Movicon.NExT platform to offer FATEK users a platform that can connect directly and therefore reduce management costs and development times in SCADA and HMI systems based on the Movicon platform.
The FATEK driver has already been tested and used in some applications successfully, and one of which includes the management system of the Potenza hospital in Italy.

The Movicon.NExT FATEK driver allows the following PLCs to be interfaced in Ethernet:

– Fatek FBs-14MA

– Fatek FBs-CBEH

– Fatek B1-20MR25-024

The communication protocol supports direct access to all the PLC data areas and in particular:

X Input discrete
Y Output relay
M Internal relay
S Step relay
T Timer discrete
C Counter discrete
RT Timer Register
RC Counter Register
R Holding Register
D Data Register
F File Register


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