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Intuitive Machine Visualization with OT1300 Panel PC

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Bachmann electronic’s latest panel PC family combines customizable hardware and software into an all-in-one visualization solution for industrial machine interfaces. With a variety of screen sizes and guaranteed long-term availability,

OT1300 comes as a standalone panel PC with the Windows 10 IoT operating system, or as a complete package equipped with atvise® visualization software. The modern, intuitive design includes new features such as projected-capacitive touch for increased flexibility and control.

High-performing in environments up to +60°C, every OT1300 panel undergoes 100% series testing to guarantee quality. Panels are easily configured with Bachmann’s modern engineering tool. CPU performance, memory size, display size and storage medium adjust to fit the application.

Additional features include a pre-installed industrial browser with integrated onscreen keyboard and customized software-images ex-works. Pure-web visualizations enable remote access based on HTML, SVG and OPC UA standards.

The OT1300 is available in widescreen from 10.1” up to 21.5’’. User-friendly, multi-touch gestures such as swiping, pinch-to-zoom and two-hand operation support a wide variety of tasks. Flexibility comes in five different performance levels; from cost-effective to performance-hungry applications.

The OT1300 panels can be used with any visualization software. The complete visualization package with atvise® offers a comprehensive solution for machine and plant visualizations. CPUs: Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Core i3 to i7.


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