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New Yaskawa ArcWorld CS robot welding cell

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Yaskawa has further expanded its range of turn-key robot welding cells with the new ArcWorld CS. This new product also features a small footprint, short delivery times and a high degree of flexibility. However, unlike its predecessors it is equipped with a highly efficient Motoman AR1440 welding robot and works with the latest YRC1000 compact controller.

As with the previous models of the ArcWorld series, the positioner, controller and power source of the new ArcWorld CS robot are combined in one platform. If necessary, the robot cell can be quickly and easily relocated. Because the cells are easy to install as a plug-and-play solution, they are ideal as a cost-effective and straightforward entry-level model for robot-based welding in smaller companies.

ArcWorld CS at Heidenbluth Schweißtechnik GmbH

This experience can be confirmed by Armin Heidenbluth, General Manager of Heidenbluth Schweißtechnik GmbH in Fuldabrück-Bergshausen, North Hessen. With the welding expertise from over four decades, the specialist dealer is one of Germany’s first addresses for metalworking. A new ArcWorld CS is already in operation at the company’s application centre, one of the largest in Germany, where interested companies can obtain hands-on experience with the newly developed system.

“Welding with robot technology is a major topic for smaller and medium-sized companies, particularly against the background of a lack of skilled personnel,” says welding technology specialist Armin Heidenbluth. “Yaskawa has identified this special need, and with the ArcWorld it is now offering a turn-key concept. The system is delivered fully assembled and can be quickly put into operation. It is easily programmed and operated without the need for special training.”

Motoman AR1440 welding robot

Yaskawa’s six-axis precision robot of the current AR series was specially developed for exacting demands in arc welding, where they ensure particularly short processing times. This in turn translates to increased efficiency and energy savings. With its payload of up to 12 kg and a maximum working range of 1,440 mm, the Motoman AR1440 incorporated in the ArcWorld CS promises easy machining of bulky, hard-to-get-at workpieces while achieving high quality results.

The slightly arced shape of the lower arm and hollow shaft enables welding seams on components that are difficult to access. Air and media connections are integrated into the base, by virtue of which a working range of 340 degrees can be realised for the first main axis (S-axis).

Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller

The welding robot is controlled by a Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller. This extremely compact controller with a cabinet volume of only 125 litres permits optimum use of space. The hand-held programmer of the YRC1000 controller – at only 730 g the lightest in its category – is ergonomically and clearly arranged. The touchscreen enables intuitive operation and thus simple movement and scrolling with the cursor.



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