Linak offers its LA25 linear actuator with IO-Link

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Electric linear actuators already play an important part in industrial automation. With the LINAK IO-Link interface, however, integration to existing Fieldbus systems has never been easier.

If you operate in manufacturing or processing, IO-Link is most likely an important tool in your business already. This universal interface is a well-established standard that is smart and easy to use. However, up until now it has mainly been used for sensors and similar devices in industrial automation.

«At LINAK®, we want to change that. We wish to bring forward the many benefits that IO-Link offers into new fields of applications, using linear movement. That is why we have developed electric actuators with IO-Link, built on the pillars of the underlying technology; simplified installation, automated parameter setting, and expanded diagnostics.»

Increase efficiency of your machinery

Many types of machinery, such as machinery in the process industry, already utilise the many options available with IO-Link. But finding the technology used in machine tools, packaging systems, handling assembly automation is also quite common.

Regardless of the set-up and situation, it relies upon numerous sensors, ensuring maximal production output, high quality and reduced down-time. Introducing linear actuators to this eco system allows you to automate several processes, either to increase safety or simply to do things smarter. Whether it is in automated gate openers, hood lifts, valves, belt tensioners, conveyor adjustments, the opportunities are endless.

So advanced, yet so easy to integrate

«The first actuator with IO-Link was our LA25. It is a compact and robust actuator capable of handling loads of up to 2,500 N or speeds of up to 25 mm/s. With IO-Link’s innate two-way communication option, you can control and adjust a number of things with your actuator(s)». For instance:


  • Desired speed (0-100%)
  • Run in/out to specified position
  • Current limit (A) to protect machinery
  • Read out data

Position (mm)

  • Current consumption (A)
  • Status (running out/in or fully extended/retracted)

The benefits LINAK IO-Link solutions bring are obvious

  • They are easy to integrate into existing automation systems
  • The available status and diagnostics data, will help you reduce downtime
  • With remote configuration you can create smarter movement
  • You maximise uptime, as LINAK actuators are fast and easy to replace if necessary

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