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Delta DTM Series Multi-channel Temperature Controller

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The new multi-channel temperature controller DTM series has various input channels and supports RS-485 and Ethernet communication. It also has a new modular design which allows users to install the expansion modules for different temperature control applications. Moreover, its DIN-rail type installation not only simplifies the wiring, saves space but also makes it easier to maintain.

The Delta DTM series consists of host, measurement modular, I/O extension module and extension cassette.

A fully extended DTM group consists of a host plus 7 measurement modules and 8 I/O extension modules, for up to 64 points temperature control. Several DTM groups can be connected via RS 485 or Ethernet communication for temperature control up to 1,000 points or more.


  • Modular design for easy wiring
  • Various extension modules for wide range applications
  • Data collection by host for higher data exchange efficiency
  • Support RS-485 & Ethernet communication, as well as multi-point temperature control (64 points with host group > 1,000 points with RS-485 or Ethernet)
  • User-defined communication address
  • Complete isolation between channels

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