Festo Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Manually and mechanically actuated valves VHEF and VMEF from Festo

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The essence of any mechanical switching device is an accurate response. That is exactly why it is designed to respond with precision. And why it can be installed, without backlash, in just a few steps. The manually and mechanically actuated valves from the VHEF and VMEF series from Festo follow precisely these mechanical principles.

Given that the conditions in the field are sometimes quite harsh, for example with sawdust in furniture production, or even in agricultural automation, a manual or mechanical valve must be able to withstand stresses. The manual and mechanically actuated valve series VMEF and VHEF work reliably even in these types of situations. The valves ensure accurate processes and represent extremely good value for money.

Whether the mechanism is triggered by a workpiece, a component or a person, manual or mechanical valves are the most direct way to control a process. They don’t need any energy conversion, additional reaction times or long cables. The actuated plunger simply switches the valve and triggers the next step in the process.

Both valves are part of the Festo core product range and are therefore always available worldwide, no matter where in the world a machine or system is installed.


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