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mGuard Secure Remote Service with new functions

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10 years on from its original launch, Phoenix Contact is introducing version 2.11 of its mGuard Secure Remote Service ecosystem to the market with added features and new system functions.

It is not just Android-based mobile end devices for service technicians and iOS-based Apple devices that are supported. On the machine side, PLCnext Control devices from Phoenix Contact can also be easily and securely connected to the mGuard Secure Remote Service. The “mGuard Secure Remote Service Connector” app is available in the PLCnext Store for this purpose.

To keep customer data secure, the security-related parameters of the mGuard Secure Remote Service have been future-proofed by bringing them in line with the recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) concerning encryption algorithms and lengths.

With version 2.11, various subnets of a machine or system can now be easily added in the user interface. In version 2.12 onwards, they will be made available selectively to users or user groups with fine granularity.

The remote maintenance ecosystem is now available for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. Version 2.11 is available worldwide with immediate effect and will be joined by version 2.12 in February 2021.


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