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FANUC is adding the fourth variation to its growing SCARA robot line-up: the SR-20iA. The company’s strongest SCARA yet can carry payloads of up to 20kg. Combined with a wrist inertia of 0.45kgm2 and a small footprint, the model opens up new possibilities in the world of assembly, material handling, picking and packaging.

Small, lightweight and internally routed services give the robot a clear and clean look, which minimises the interference area and simplifies the integration of the FANUC SR-20iA into any assembly, material handling picking or packaging line. A footprint of 280 x 364mm, weight of 64kg, and 1100mm reach ensure maximum efficiency in terms of space and motion range. At the same time, performance is not compromised: The high payload and wrist inertia support larger grippers and thus the assembly of bigger parts. FANUC’s sturdiest SCARA robot to date brings a maximum push-down force of 250N, making it ideally suited for growing application areas like solar panels or battery packs. The SR-20iA also fulfils all requirements of high-speed assembly, guaranteeing a high total part throughput. Additionally, a water proof, white epoxy paint IP65 variant will be offered to meet rough and/or cleanroom environment demands.

The SR-20iA can also be deployed beyond the usual applications for SCARA robots. The 20kg payload and 0.45kgm2 wrist inertia make this model a viable alternative for traditional packaging applications. Compared to usual in-line transfer units, the SCARA robot is not only significantly smaller, but also more cost-efficient. “While there are still packaging applications that require a traditional six-axis robot, a simple packaging application doesn’t always require all 6 degree of freedom”, saysThomas Schneider, Product Manager Robotics at FANUC Europe GmbH. “For these scenarios, a SCARA robot with a 20kg payload can be entirely sufficient.” For businesses with varied packaging needs, the SR-20iA can provide the well-known FANUC quality and functionality, to offer a practical and economical addition to the packaging line-up.

Like all FANUC robots, the SR-20iA comes with FANUC’s state-of-the-art software and features. It is powered by the R-30iB Compact Plus Controller, which supports FANUC’s image processing tool iRVision®, the logistics software iRPickTool®, conveyor tracking, wide range of fieldbus connectivity, integrated safety functions (e.g. DCS), and almost all available robot software options. Since the robot can be delivered with or without a Teach Pendant, for easy robot set-up and programming, FANUC offers the programming software iRProgrammer®, which runs on tablets or PCs and can be easily accessed through various web browsers (safari, chrome, IE, etc.). FANUC’s RoboGuide® simulation software for feasibility studies can check a picking or packing project in respect of throughput, reach and robot durability in advance without taking a financial risk or creating expensive mechanical designs. Thus, FANUC can offer a one-stop solution for varied picking and packaging applications and the SR-20iA brings proven FANUC quality and service to the world of SCARA robots.


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