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Predictive maintenance: Bachmann Advanced Vibration Monitoring

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Predictive maintenance expert Bachmann Monitoring promises machine owners more control over data with upgrades to the WebLog monitoring suite. New analytical algorithms allow WebLog to identify the signs and symptoms of upcoming faults sooner, with updated fault classification and user handling leading to an optimized UX.

WebLog now delivers more know-how, improving decision-making, reducing the cost of unplanned maintenance and downtime and supporting the transition to a knowledge based maintenance strategy.

Weblog 20.1 supports the Condition Monitoring (CM) of individual assets or an entire fleet of turbines or machines. Database WebLog Server, analytics tool WebLog Expert®, and visualization WebLog Customer Portal provide a one-stop-shop CM suite. Users are flexible to define severity classes and track development according to a fault’s urgency. Failure Mode Symptoms Analysis and component-specific trend alarms identify the early warning signs of an approaching issue, buying time for further testing and maintenance before a failure occurs.

“Our goal is to provide as much qualified monitoring data as possible so that turbine and machine owners experience minimal downtime”, says Holger Fritsch, CEO of Bachmann Monitoring. “With our software, customers with multiple units can build their own KPI dashboards with tailored visualizations in one portal. WebLog enables more efficient data monitoring to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of predictive and preventive maintenance.”


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