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SEW EURODRIVE release MOVISUITE 2.20 engineering software

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MOVISUITE® from SEW-EURODRIVE is a free engineering software solution for machine and system automation. It helps users save time and money in planning, startup, operation and diagnostics.

The 2.20 release now covers new devices, including components for decentralized installation such as the MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit and MOVIMOT® flexible inverter. Users of the new MOVITRAC® advanced inverter for control cabinet installation can also harness the software’s advantages. This device has been designed as a compact all-rounder and can now be configured in next to no time using MOVISUITE®.

Along with the hardware, many new MOVIKIT® software modules for control technology have been added. These modules can be run on the automation system controller or directly on the inverter and offer extended functions such as path and kinematic calculations. In developing these modules, SEW-EURODRIVE attached great importance to ease of use and easy integration so that users can carry out their specific automation tasks quickly and intuitively.

The modules now available open up new application options. For instance, the portfolio for kinematic models in MOVIKIT® Robotics has been further extended and now also includes many complex and exotic models. Personalized kinematic models in line with customer requirements can also continue to be produced.

With the PowerMonitor, the MOVIKIT® Power and Energy Solutions modules now offer the option of comprehensively monitoring the energy flows in the drive system. The enhanced integration of the IEC Editor ensures faster implementation and greater efficiency for programming tasks. Although the range of functions has been extended significantly, installation is now much faster.

To make the software accessible to a larger group of users, new languages – Hungarian and Italian – have been introduced. The software is available now and can be downloaded from the SEW EURODRIVE website.

The MOVI-C® modular automation system is based on four pillars – electronics, electromechanics, control technology and software. From inverters and control technology to motors, gear units and complete drive systems, all the components in the modular system can be configured, started up and monitored end to end using the MOVISUITE® engineering software, thus saving time and money. At the same time, the graphical user interface of MOVISUITE® boasts a strikingly modern look and feel.


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