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New Omron iX3 and iX4 parallel robots

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Omron taken efficiency to the next level with the iX3 parallel robot. This powerful robot supports integrated high-speed conveyor tracking, powerful vision guidance, and easy-to-use application software created specifically for the packaging market. Designed with a high payload, the iX3 is used for multi-picking and for faster Pick and Place.

Expanded material-handling.

The iX3 robot is the complete solution when it comes to packaging both primary and secondary food. It features a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, including a standard IP65-rated work area and corrosion-resistant materials for easy wash-down. With the iX3 robot we provide a safe solution for handling food and beverage products.

iX4 – Four-axis parallel robot achieves high speed and high precision

The iX4 parallel robot offers exceptionally fast and flexible packaging and material-handling applications. The iX4 robot has four arms which helps evenly distribute the load on the robot and support multi-picking making it faster than all other robots.

Expanded food-handling.

Omron have taken the concept of material-handling to a new level with the iX4 robot. It meets the sanitary standards of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration for prevention of product contamination, allowing the iX4 to be accepted for meat and poultry processing.


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