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New laser distance sensor families OM20 and OM30 with IO-Link

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The new Baumer laser distance sensor families OM20 and OM30 with IO-Link are perfectly suited to continue the trend towards more efficient, compact machines and systems without any compromise regarding the sensor performance in optical distance measurement applications.

With their exceptional measurement performance and compact designs, the OM20 and OM30 sensor families can be flexibly used in a variety of applications. They are particularly distinguished by their reliable, surface-independent measurements with a repeat precision of up to 1 µm and an extremely high measurement speed of up to 5 kHz.

In the OM20, all of this is integrated in a housing measuring 37 x 35 x 13 mm. For measurements on structured surfaces such as processed metal or wood, the OM30 distance sensor family is a reliable solution thanks to its line beam shape with a range of up to 550 mm.
The standardized IO-Link interface allows easy integration into the control and simple parameterization of the sensor. Beyond the standard process data such as the distance value or the signal quality, the sensors offer additional data such as the measurement rate and the illumination reserve of the sensor. The latter can be used as an indicator for the soiling of the sensor to support preventive maintenance concepts.


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