MES specialist iTAC at Hannover Messe 2021

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Manufacturing companies need the best possible transparency and efficient processes nowadays in order to be able to produce competitively. In order to meet these requirements in a target-oriented way, analytics tools are gaining more importance in the MES environment.

Data is collected and analyzed in order to derive predictions, among other things, which, together with other insights, can in turn be incorporated into planning. The MES specialist iTAC Software AG ( has identified a trend towards more specific requirements and greater individualization. The company will be highlighting these aspects at the digital HANNOVER MESSE from April 12 to 16.

iTAC offers MES and IIoT solutions for the transparent, automated production and provides various services for networking, automation, and analysis of manufacturing processes.

Industry 2021: Standard tools for individuality

«This year, the requirements in the field of analytics in industry will expand from the nearby machines and systems to entire production processes, some of which are very individualized. Dedicated projects are required for these areas. This means that the customer has a problem within a production process that they would like to solve. This results in a demand-oriented task for us,” explains Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG.

Standard tools and algorithms for analysis are increasingly well developed today. «For machines, more and more solutions are offered by the manufacturers and integrated into the machines. But when mapping manufacturing processes with different machines and systems, the analysis of the data must also draw on the data of the manufacturing process – available in an MES, for example – in addition to the machine information. Since manufacturing processes differ in many areas and can always have more individual problems from factory to factory, the requirements are sometimes very specific. For example, if a process is set up with different machines, there can be varying challenges,» adds Peter Bollinger.

Solutions for specific requirements can be identified quickly and easily with iTAC’s standard analysis tools such as the iTAC.IIoT.Edge. iTAC provides both integrated MES database access, batch analytics and streaming analytics, including data engineering and data analysis.

Analysis and evaluation of data in real time with iTAC.MES.Suite

By using the iTAC.MES.Suite, iTAC has access to MES data. The intelligent Manufacturing Execution System combines functions such as Production Planning (APS), Production Management, Quality Management, Materials and Logistics, Traceability, tools for analyzing and evaluating data in real time and automatic notification of problems. The MES guarantees a continuous flow of information to ensure transparency and evaluation of production processes based on standardized and customer specific KPIs.

Peter Bollinger explains, «As an MES specialist, we understand the customers’ data in the Manufacturing Execution System best and can offer solutions tailored exactly to their needs. This year, iTAC analytics solutions will be further integrated into iTAC’s overall solution.»


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