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NEW Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552 – CF & CG series

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The new Airwork’s pneumatic cylinders ISO 15552 of CF and CG series represent the new generation of ISO pneumatic cylinders that, thanks to the use of innovative materials and a state-of-the-art construction philosophy, place these cylinders at the top of the category.

Lightness, robustness and precision are the main features of this new Airwork product.

CF and CG series are produced with bores between Ø32 mm and Ø100 mm and they offer significant advantages:


The new shape of the heads gives the cylinder a linear, streamlined and elegant design, avoiding the extreme and unsightly lightening that can be found on competing cylinders.


The piston, the heart of the cylinder and always subjected to intense work, CF CG series aluminium piston iso 15552 pneumatic cylindersmust ensure a constant and lasting precision in any condition. It was therefore chosen to make it entirely of aluminium with a special anti-wear guide band to make it indestructible, precise and performing even after years of intensive use and with strong temperature variations.


CF CG series sealings gaskets iso 15552 pneumatic cylinders

The guide bush of the rod is made with a particular type of bronze specifically designed for linear sliding with large loads. This guarantees significantly higher performances than the classic bushing made of sintered bronze.


This is the first Airwork cylinder equipped with MFS (Multi-Function System), the evolution of the classic solution with o-ring in NBR.CF CG series mfs system iso 15552 pneumatic cylinder
The MFS system offers 3 immediate advantages: reduction of the piston impact noise even in the absence of standard pneumatic cushioning, perfect centring of the aluminium profile during assembling process, absolute sealing between head and shirt.


CF CG series sealings gaskets iso 15552 pneumatic cylindersWide choice between 6 types of standard rod gaskets to meet all needs based on function, temperature, degree of cleanliness of the working environment.

2 IN 1

The particular design of the heads allows the assembly of 2 types of cylinders depending on the customer’s needs, maintaining the same internal components


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