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Pneumatic extension modules VTOP from Festo

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The pneumatic extension modules VTOP from Festo enable custom closed-loop control solution designs in combination with a positioner, all without any external piping and the leaks associated with it. Compared with conventional solutions, cost savings of up to 30% are possible with the VTOP. And installation takes just a fraction of the time.

The pneumatic extension modules VTOP are suitable for use in control applications in the process industry that require additional instruments alongside a positioner. The VTOP and the new positioner CMSH from Festo form an optimised complete solution for closed-loop control of single-acting and double-acting quarter turn and linear actuators.

Up to now, users had to go to the trouble of assembling a number of components from different suppliers and connecting them externally with piping to achieve a complete solution for closed-loop control of quarter turn and linear actuators. These combinations do, however, have drawbacks: they are susceptible to faults, are complicated to install and maintain, and lack flexibility due to how difficult they are to retrofit with additional components. With the VTOP, Festo offers an innovative, modular and compact installation concept with the potential for cost savings of up to 30%.

Modular and compact

The modular design of the VTOP with patented, integrated air routing enables the individual modules to be combined as needed, adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. In combination with the positioner CMSH from Festo, users get a complete solution. This means that no external piping susceptible to faults is needed, leaks are avoided, and assembly is simple and secure.

Everything from a single source

The VTOP is suitable for double-acting and single-acting linear and quarter turn actuators. Available modules like failsafes, volume boosters and filter regulators can be combined in any way. A practical feature of the VTOP is that the modules can be extended and retrofitted at any time.

The VTOP is much more compact than conventional solutions where the individual components are connected by pipes in a complex process, for example on a pneumatic control board. The complete solution for automating control solutions is supplied in its entirety by Festo – from the actuator to the positioner to the pneumatic extension modules.


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