HMI to go – B&R’s mapp View HMI

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Machine operators can now pass control of their machine seamlessly between the main HMI and their mobile devices. A new feature of B&R’s mapp View HMI solution ensures that the controls and information they need are always at their fingertips, so they can move freely around the plant floor as they continue working.

«Until now, HMI terminals have restricted machine operators to working within a certain radius,» explains B&R software expert Manuel Sánchez. «If they can’t reach the screen, they can’t control the machine.» B&R’s web-based HMI solution now enables them to take control of the machine with them on their mobile device wherever they need to go. Once the task is complete, they simply pass control back to the main HMI.

The new QRViewer widget available in B&R’s mapp View HMI solution generates dynamic QR codes in the machine’s user interface. In addition to handing off HMI operation to a smartphone, these codes enable a variety of other convenient new features to optimize machine performance and availability.

Faster response times

In the event of an error in the system, operators can quickly access help documentation, instructional videos, part numbers and more – right on their smartphone. When viewing historical performance data, they can access higher-level ERP systems and track batches throughout the entire supply chain. The right information, in the right place, at the right time helps keep the machine producing safely with minimal downtime.


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