Preparation is running at full bore for the on-site Motek/Bondexpo

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Preparation is running at full bore for the on-site Motek/Bondexpo trade fair in Stuttgart from the 5th through the 8th of October, 2021. Exhibitors and expert visitors are awaiting the traditional trade fair duo as the most important event for the industrial automation sector this fall.

Trade fair promoters P.E. SCHALL GmbH & Co. KG are reporting “extremely pleasing” booking levels for the 39th Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly and the 14th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology: “We clearly discern that our exhibitors are eagerly looking forward to genuine technical discussions with customers and other interested expert visitors,” says managing director Bettina Schall.

Automation Intelligence for Production and Assembly – with Practical Implementation

The industrial manufacturing sector is currently implementing networking, digitalisation and automation on a practical level. The smart factory is reality. “The remarkable technological developments we’ve witnessed in recent years are now appearing on the scene as a consolidated bundle,” observes Motek project manager Rainer Bachert. Robotics, sensor technology, image processing, handling and transport are increasingly autonomous, fully integrated solutions within the framework of automation in production and assembly. Software is playing a progressively more important role, on top of which AI solutions are successively finding their way into industrial production processes as a matter of course. “The robot has long since ceased to be a stand-alone solution,” says Rainer Bachert. “As a result, we’ll be seeing lots of interesting turnkey robotics solutions at the trade fair – for new markets as well.”

Integrated Solutions, Complementary Issues: Optimal Interaction Amongst All Stakeholders

Companies and businesses have accelerated automation and digitalisation significantly, and manufacturing processes and the flow of materials have been improved and adapted. Thanks to ideal interaction amongst their overall systems, production companies are advancing into new dimensions in terms of efficiency, sustainability, safety and supply chain reliability. The traditional, time-tested Motek/Bondexpo trade fair duo also embodies an optimally supplementary combination with regard to its thematic structure: the complementary Bondexpo event focuses on industrial joining and bonding technology. Nearly any combination of materials – of identical or different types – can be joined with the help of this technology without suffering any loss of material properties or the associated advantages.

Joining and Bonding Technology as an Issue for the Future

Numerous technological developments are only possible through the use of ultramodern adhesives, for example in energy-saving lightweight designs for the transport sector, in electric cars and in wind power or photovoltaic systems. “The use of adhesives has become indispensable in many industrial sectors and commercial trades and will become even more important in the future,” explains Dr. Vera Haye, chief executive officer of the German Adhesives Association (IVK). As compared with alternative technologies, bonded products can improve both energy and material efficiency. Bonding is the only technology which makes it possible to join different high-tech materials without impairing any of their advantageous properties.

Motek/Bondexpo: A Perfect Setting for B2B Communication

As a leading trade fair for the world of automation, Motek/Bondexpo presents an up-to-date portfolio of products and services including components, assemblies, subsystems, software and complete systems. The trade fair promoters have adapted and expanded upon the nomenclature and product classifications under the heading “Software for assembly”. Exhibitors from the software sector will present their solutions in a concentrated manner in hall 1. Be sure to save the dates for the face-to-face meeting of this outstanding business community in Stuttgart from the 5th through the 8th of October, 2021.


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