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Yaskawa’s new MOTOMAN PL series of palletizing robots

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With the Motoman PL series Yaskawa presents a new generation of high-performance palletizing robots. These all-rounders are used for automatic palletizing and depalletizing – besides classic final packaging, also increasingly in distribution logistics.

A large working range, optimum use of space and, above all, high throughput and short cycle times – these are the core characteristics of the Motoman PL series of palletizing robots with which Yaskawa again strives to assume industry leadership. The new series is initially focused on four models in the payload range between 190 kg and 800 kg, and working ranges in excess of three metres – thus covering the widest spectrum of high-performance palletizing tasks. In the summer of 2021 the series will be complemented by further models.

Newly tuned kinematics and the latest generation of Sigma7 drive technology further improve stability, payload and cycle times. Due to their compact design and small footprint, Motoman palletizing robots ensure optimum use of space for the setup of compact palletizing cells. Media cable packages for grippers can be connected – protected and collision-free – through the robot base and inside the arm through all axes and the hollow wrist. The hollow shaft is optimally dimensioned at 75 mm (PL190/320) and 100 mm (PL500/800) respectively.

PL series starts with four models

The range of currently available robot models of the PL series begins with the Motoman PL190. The latter automatically palletizes and depalletizes boxes, cartons, sacks and beverage crates at a high speed of over 1700 cycles per hour (depending on the palletizing task), with a payload of 190 kg. Thanks to the powerful drive motors, the state-of-the-art design does not require a counterweight balancer, is extremely compact and offers even more stability and dynamism. With its wide working range of 3159 mm the PL190 achieves a realistic pallet stacking height of over 2600 mm. It can be used either for stacking multiple pallets up to an impressive height, or in floor assembly without the need for additional pedestals.

With identical kinematics and reach, the PL320 – the heavy-duty version of the robot – can handle a maximum payload of 320 kg. This model is thus ideal for palletizing heavy bags or containers.

The two new heavy-duty palletizers PL500 and PL800 are located in the high payload range of up to 800 kg. With convincing performance figures, they can lift complete layers of products from a conveyor line or handle heavy products and containers.

Control, planning tools and programming

All robots of the Motoman PL series work together with the compact, high-performance controller YRC1000 that features a wide range of functions for path planning and communication. The controller also synchronises the movements of function grippers or tracks. The ideal combination is with the optional functional safety unit (FSU) for safeguarding and minimizing compact workspaces.

The unique MotoLogix interface enables PLC system programmers to program robots in their customary IEC61131-conformant PLC programming environment. A special robot programmer is no longer necessary and integration into the PLC controller is greatly simplified.

The MotoSimVRC simulation software permits easy design, planning and simulation of palletizing cells. With a self-explanatory user interface, Yaskawa’s optional PalletSolver palletizing software simplifies the programming of pick-up and depositing patterns, as well as layer patterns, offering numerous application-specific features such as mixed palletizing or multi-grippers.


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