Dunkermotoren Motion & Motors & Drives Safety

Dunkermotoren «Safe Torque Off» (STO) certified

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Even our grandparents knew that double stitching holds better. The principle of redundancy contained therein is one of the core principles of functional safety: If, for example, any component fails, then another component must compensate for the defect. Dunkermotoren applies this principle in DC servomotors (BG series) so that, if necessary, they can also quite safely no longer generate torque.

It goes without saying that Dunkermotoren has meticulously complied with all the required standards in the design of the safe circuits. The TÜV Nord has checked the compliance with the standards just as meticulously. Correctness has now been confirmed at the very first attempt and the corresponding certificate for the standard compliant STO function has been issued.

Dunkermotoren is a pioneer in the integration of functions in brushless DC motors in the 20…4000 W range. With the certified STO function, Dunkermotoren has integrated a function that makes applications safer, especially in the fields of industrial automation, intralogistics, medical technology and door automation.

By combining the motors with components from the modular system, the motors with certified STO can be individually adapted to a wide variety of applications. If necessary, also for the textile industry in the production of double seams.


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