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LED signal pillars for greater safety

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The operating conditions of machines and systems must be quickly and clearly recognisable. Signal pillars, for example, help us to react to disturbances immediately. The prerequisite here is that they must function reliably and not require any maintenance, even under demanding industrial conditions. The new signal pillars from Rittal are suited for ensuring improved safety in industrial operations. With their IP 65 protection category and zero-maintenance LED technology, they are also ideal for use in dusty and damp industrial surroundings.

Rittal’s signal pillar product range consists of a ready-to-connect and a modular system. In this ready-to-connect system, fully assembled LED signal pillars are available that feature the three standard signal colours of green, yellow and red. Machine and plant engineers can immediately start installing signal pillars and put them into operation quickly.

The modular system offers flexibility. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different optical signals such as steady, flashing and stroboscopic lights in up to five colours and put together your custom solutions. Modern LED technology is used, which is virtually maintenance-free for up to 100,000 operating hours, ensuring a long service life. A variety of acoustic signals, such as continuous or pulsating tones, are also available. Alternatively, there is also a variant with adjustable tones and volumes.

Simple installation

Assembling an individual signal pillar is very easy: The basis is the connecting component, where the electrical connections can be made very quickly with screwless spring terminals. The various optical signal elements can then be fastened (and at the same time electrically contacted) with the aid of a bayonet fastener and just a “flick of the wrist”. The termination is then either an acoustic signal element or a cover.

High protection category

The power supply options are either AC/DC 24 V or 230 V. Plug-in terminals also make connection simple. With the high IP 65 protection category, the electronic components of the signal pillar system are also prepared for harsh industrial applications.

Extensive accessories

Various mounting elements are available to attach the signal pillars to the machine or system. These can be used for wall, floor or pole mounting or as adapters for Rittal support arm systems. There is also an acrylic glass label panel on which texts can be attached for up to a maximum of five different signal lamps.


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