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EAO E-Stop Switch Configurator – Now with augmented reality

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Following the launch of the 3D configurator for Emergency Stop Switches, EAO already has an exciting new update: Digital products can now be positioned into real settings via mobile device and thus tested before purchase.

EAO’s Emergency Stop Configurator helps customers assemble the right switch from a wide range of components, and visualize it in various virtual 3D spaces. Now with the latest update, EAO goes one step further and makes it possible to transport the product into each individual use case even before purchase – by means of an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) feature.

All that is needed is a smartphone or tablet. With a tap on the corresponding AR icon, the configured E-Stop Switch is rendered in real time and can be superimposed on actual surroundings – an innovation for modular products in the industrial environment.

The technology behind the feature (WebXR) is completely browser-based and thus guarantees a seamless experience; there are no interruptions by opening a native app. This makes it a breeze to directly test the mounting conditions of the digitally configured product in a real HMI panel, or simply to experiment with the AR function


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