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Handheld Operating Panel with Multitouch and Visualization Power

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The HGT 1053 mobile operating panel comes with a capacitive 10.1-inch multi-touch screen and thanks to the EDGE-3 technology quad-core processor, 2 GB DDR4 RAM and 8 GB eMMC memory, it provides the best conditions for demanding applications and (web) visualizations.

With the OPC UA-capable handheld panel, it is possible to operate, teach-in, test and service machines, systems and robots directly on-site. The integrated safety elements emergency stop and confirmation switch, as well a key switch provide the required safety for the user and machine (SIL 3, PL e). Communication is established via Gigabit Ethernet. The HGT 1053 also has a USB 2.0 Type A interface.

The mobile solution scores with a high-resolution multi-touch display in portrait format (WXGA 800 x 1280 pixels) and therewith, intuitive operability as well as an optimal user experience.

The cable-connected, ergonomically designed operating panel in IP54 protection fits well in the hand and with a weight of only 1,250 g, enables fatigue-free use.

Visualizations are created in LASAL SCREEN or in the web-based VISUDesigner. With current web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the user has a high degree of freedom in (web) visualization design using the LASAL VISUDesigner. Predefined display/operating elements support the user and svg files, individually designed graphics, controls as well as animations, videos and audio files can be easily integrated.


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