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Twelve new products from LAPP

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In nature and science, the number twelve stands for completeness and perfection symbolism that reflects LAPP’s desire. With the slogan “Creating the best value for our customers”, the global market leader for integrated cable and connection technology solutions has set itself the goal of offering its customers the best connection solutions from a single source. This is why the portfolio is being expanded continuously. This spring, LAPP will be presenting twelve new products for Industrial Communication, mechanical and plant engineering and the rail industry.

Solutions for Industrial Communication

With the ETHERLINE® T1 product family, LAPP was ahead of the game in presenting prototype single-pair Ethernet cables for use in industrial machinery and systems. It enables more consistent and more efficient Industrial Ethernet networks and only needs one pair of cores to transmit data. The first single-pair Ethernet cable is now available from stock. As part of its spring launch, LAPP will be introducing the new ETHERLINE® T1 Y Flex 1x2x22/7 AWG.

This is an UL-certified 2-core data cable for high-speed information exchange that maintains the same high data rates while significantly reducing the setup required. Thanks to its small bending radii and small outer diameter, it is exceptionally lightweight, space-saving and easy to install and is indispensable for connection at the field level.

The new Power-Over-Data-Line compatible cable complies with IEEE 802.3bu and was specially designed for transmitting digital signals in the frequency range up to 600 MHz over distances of up to 40 m. It enables a simultaneous power and data supply to SPE terminals with low energy consumption (up to 50 W). The design of the SPE cable guarantees ideal protection against electromagnetic interference: Thanks to an aluminium-laminated foil and copper braid shield with a high degree of coverage (SF/UTP), it is double shielded. In addition, the PVC outer sheath is resistant to acids and alkalis and is partially oil-resistant. UL/CSA certification enables the product to be used in North America.

In addition, there are highly flexible ETHERLINE® FD Cat.6 patch cables for continuous movement applications in cable chains. They are assembled with M12X connectors and enable fast data exchange at up to 10 Gbit/s over 60 m thanks to Cat.6 Ethernet. A laminated aluminium foil and copper braiding provide optimum protection against electromagnetic interference. A cross separator is used to protect the core pairs, allowing maximum mechanical stress. The connector has integrated vibration protection.

Another new feature is the ETHERLINE® CABINET CAT.6A.for the control cabinet in PROFINET® networks. Thanks to their small bending radii, Cat.6A patch cables can prove especially useful in confined spaces. They enable information to be exchanged quickly at up to 10 Gbit/s over 60 m. The connecting cables are assembled on both sides, saving time and eliminating the potential for errors when assembling them on site. The RJ45 connector is exceptionally narrow, meaning that the patch cables are ideally suited for devices with a very high port density. Thanks to UL/CSA certification, they are also approved for the North American market.

Solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

When cables are installed outdoors, they should also be UV-resistant. LAPP now has four PVC cables for data and signal transmission in the low-frequency range with a black outer sheath (BK) in its portfolio. This makes them suitable for outdoor use in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-2.

For example, the classic data and signal transmission cable is available in black, the UNITRONIC® LiYY BK. The compact design enables small outer diameters despite the high number of cores. The classified fire behaviour properties are defined in accordance with EU Directive 305/2011 (BauPVO/CPR). This means that the new black UNITRONIC® can be used universally on machine interfaces for many applications for data and signal transmission in the low-frequency range. For example for computer systems, electronic control and regulation devices, office machines or scales. It is suitable for fixed installation or for light mechanical stress and can be used in dry and damp environments.

For outdoor use, LAPP also has the new twisted pair version UNITRONIC® LiYY (TP) BK in its portfolio. Thanks to the twisted pair (TP) with short lay lengths, the conductor circuits are well decoupled. The shielded UNITRONIC® LiYCY BK is also available. Thanks to its copper braiding, it protects against capacitive interference from electrical fields with a high degree of coverage. It is supplemented by the shielded version with twisted pairs UNITRONIC® LiYCY (TP) BK.

The single core H07V-U with HAR design certification according to EN 50525-2-31 is now also available as a 100-metre ring. The compact single core with solid conductor is available in various colours and is suitable for versatile use in building technology and cabinet construction. The longer ring length means shorter distances to be covered by the electrical fitters. Combined with the TRONIC module and the TRONIC single-core trolley, the single core can be cut to length in a controlled manner and stored compactly.

Another new feature is the ÖLFLEX® PLUG 540 P. This is a connection assembly with the proven ÖLFLEX® 540 P cable for appliance and cabinet construction. The ready-to-use connection assembly saves time during installation and impresses with its multi-strength cable, compatibility with various connector systems and the third-party certification. It is suitable for different applications depending on the number of cores, conductor cross-section and connector type. The 3-core versions with protection rating IP 44 are even suitable for outdoor use in Europe and can be exposed to rain.

The cable strain relief is already integrated into the metric, liquid-tight SILVYN® FPAD-M conduit gland. It remains reliably sealed thanks to a lock protection. The robust polyamide makes it more oil-resistant and mechanically resistant. The SILVYN® FPAD-M is available in various metric sizes and two protection classes (IP 66 or IP 68) and can be optimally supplemented with the established protective conduits SILVYN® FPAS and SILVYN® HCC.

LAPP’s portfolio includes the SKINTOP® MS-M 40×1.5 PLUS for the optimum assembly of a cable with a rectangular connector housing. Thanks to the M40 external thread, it can be screwed onto a proven M40 standard hood. Due to the extended M50 clamping range (27-35 mm), cables with larger diameters (> 28 mm) can now also be fed through. Expensive special housings are no longer required. This is particularly advantageous for applications with limited space. The new cable gland enables sealing in accordance with protection class IP 68 and IP 69, withstands high mechanical and chemical loads, and is even suitable for outdoor use.

New for the rail industry

LAPP is strategically expanding its portfolio for the rail industry. The single-core cable ÖLFLEX® TRAIN 331 600 V for rail vehicles is now also available in further dimensions (0.50.75 mm²) as well as in additional colours (BN, GN, YE, WH, GY, OG, VT). All articles are classified in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2 and are perfectly suited for wiring circuits and lights inside machinery, wiring inside control cabinets and even for internal electrical installations thanks to their high-quality electron beam cross-linked insulation materials.


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