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B&R expands motor selection with Hiperface DSL Safety

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The safety functions of the B&R ACOPOS P3 servo drive are now also available for motors with a safe Hiperface DSL encoder. Machine builders now have a broader selection of motors when implementing safe motion control applications.

Hiperface DSL Safety has established itself on the market alongside EnDat 2.2 Safety as a leading industry standard for safe data transfer between motors and servo drives. Just like EnDat 2.2, HDSL Safety is compatible with all B&R safety functions. That includes functions such as Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Operating Stop (SOS) and Safe Limited Increment (SLI).

For every application

HDSL Safety support is available with an easy firmware update. The encoder type is defined by parameters on the servo drive’s safety module. Modules can be combined freely, regardless of whether they were configured with EnDat 2.2 or with HDSL Safety. Application developers are able to choose the best encoder system for any given application.


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