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SEW EURODRIVE to expand and relocate its Drive Technology Center West

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SEW EURODRIVE’s Drive Technology Center West (DTCW) may only be moving a few kilometers, but it will be a big step into the future. The new location in the Haan-Gruiten technology park will give the DTCW more space and room for further expansion. Based solely on planning considerations, the move to the new site could take place as early as 2023.

With the purchase of the plot having been notarized on April 12, 2021, construction of the new DTCW has now entered the next phase. The center will provisionally open at its new location in Haan-Gruiten in 2023. SEW EURODRIVE would like to thank Haan’s mayoress Dr. Bettina Warnecke and Head of Business Development Dr. Jürgen Simon for their efficient support and their focus on the ultimate goal of relocating from Langenfeld to Haan.

This move is urgently required, because the DTCW has no prospect of growing any further at its current location. The space available for the workshop, offices and conference rooms has reached its limits. Consequently, SEW EURODRIVE has been looking for a suitable plot for some time – not too far away, so as to make life easier for customers as well.

The new building will cover an area of around 3000 m2 and will include a workshop, a warehouse and offices. Processes and areas will also be included for cooperation with the local workshops for disabled people. With 70 employees and two apprenticeships at the present time, this means the company will be catering to everyone in the local area in its role as a regional employer.

SEW EURODRIVE has four DTCs in Germany (Garbsen, Zwickau, Munich and Langenfeld, soon to be Haan), seven Drive Centers (local service operations) and 28 Technical Offices (sales).


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