B&R Vision Sensor

Machine vision gets four times faster

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B&R has dramatically accelerated execution of all types of machine vision applications. A new quad-core processor and just-in-time compiler help the Smart Sensor complete vision tasks up to four times faster. Machine builders can substantially increase the output of their machines without having to use expensive dedicated PCs for machine vision.

With the latest Steady version of the HALCON library, B&R’s machine vision system now has a just-in-time (JIT) compiler that generates executable machine code when the application is loaded, rather than interpreting it later at runtime.

Available via software update

The JIT compiler substantially reduces the time it takes to execute a variety of vision functions. For measurement tasks, the savings can be in excess of 75% – meaning they are completed in a quarter of the time. Access to the new JIT compiler comes with a simple software update.

Cut cycle times in half

Multi-core capable image processing algorithms also benefit from the new Smart Sensor version. The increased computing power makes it possible to cut the cycle time of matching applications nearly in half.


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