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JAKA MiniCobo Cobot is officially launched worldwide

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JAKA MiniCobo is small and round in appearance. It’s easy to operate, with low noise and high cost performance, especially suitable for new business, service, education, new retail and other fields.

More advantages.

Ⅰ Lightweight, integrated with intelligent drive and control, high integration.

Adopt integrated intelligent drive and control module, use high-speed internal bus for data interaction, obtain faster data processing speed and control accuracy. All above are achieved in a smaller space. Total weight of the cobot is only 8.7kg.

Ⅱ Intelligent interconnection, wireless teaching

JAKA Robotics developed mobile internet operation terminal APP to realize wireless teaching and remote control,by integrating multi-sensor and new-generation information technologies such as AI and 5G.

Ⅲ Superior performance, super cost-effective

Lightweight, compact, highly flexible, easy to install (payload is 1kg, working radius is 576.3mm); superior performance, super cost-effective (repeatability is ±0.1mm, max speed is 1.5m/s).

Ⅳ Open software and hardware ecosystem

Based on the Linux scripting language, has good compatibility. Provides a control interface that can be quickly connected to upstream and downstream automation equipment, has good versatility and flexibility, and realizes plug and play, and completes the application layout in a few minutes.


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