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Slip ring with through hollow shaft up to 50 mm

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Slip rings are used wherever power, signals and data have to be transferred from a stationary platform to a rotating platform. For example in general mechanical engineering, factory automation, mobile automation, revolving doors, filling plants, packaging industry up to wind power plants. Kübler is expanding its slip ring portfolio with the SR130 slip ring, which is particularly suitable for use in general mechanical engineering.

Kübler closes the gap between the standard or near-standard slip rings and the customized large slip rings for special applications with this innovation. With an outer diameter of just 130 mm, Kübler has succeeded in realizing a hollow shaft of up to 50 mm in this design. Such a slip ring solution is used in general mechanical engineering or for turning and assembly platforms.

But Kübler also sees great potential in applications in the field of inspection equipment or in the filling and packaging industry. Like all Kübler slip rings, the new SR130 stands for high reliability in terms of the transmission of load, signals and data, as well as for a long service life.

Easy mounting on large shafts as well as sufficient space for a combination with media feed-through for air and liquids. The compact design in modular construction promises very flexible adaptation. Optionally paired with a Kübler encoder, a system slip ring is created for a wide range of tasks in transmission and measurement technology. The flexible use of the SR130 slip ring is also underlined by other technical features: Suitable for data rates up to 100 Mbit/s (contacting) and 1Gbit/s (non-contacting), analog signals and load transmission (up to 25 A / 750 V AC/DC).


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