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Turck has expanded IO-Link Portfolio for Decentralized Automation

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Turck is expanding its extensive IO-Link portfolio with a robust IO-Link master with an M12 power supply, a compact IO-Link master in IP20 and an I/O-Hub with an additional power supply.

The TBEN-L-8IOL IO-Link master is now also available with an L-coded M12 power supply that enables currents of up to 16 A. The high power ports of the 8-port master enable power hungry equipment such as grippers to be fed with up to 4 A of power. As an IP69K device with an extended temperature range of -40 to 70 °C the rugged block module is ideal for installation at the machine. The IP20 FEN20-4IOL master for connecting four IO-Link devices is specially designed for use in restricted spaces.

Both masters simplify the integration of IO-Link devices in Profinet applications thanks to Turck’s Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI). This enables devices to be integrated directly in the engineering tool – including the storage of parameters in the project. The master with its integrated programming logic can also manage decentralized small-scale tasks in the field. As with all multiprotocol devices, data can be queried and processed via Modbus TCP in parallel existing PLC communication.

The TBIL-L-16DXP-AUX I/O hub with an additional power feed for applications is a new IO-Link device for increased power requirements. The consistent galvanic isolation of voltage groups V1 and V2 enables actuators to be switched off safely in an emergency while the sensors remain activated. The I/O hub links up to 16 digital inputs or outputs with universal ports to an IO-Link master. The I/O hubs are available with a 7/8 inch or M12 power supply.


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