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Two new ÖLFLEX products with high fire protection

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In order to protect people and particularly sensitive systems, cabling is subject to stringent fire protection requirements. LAPP offers a comprehensive portfolio of cables and wires with a halogen-free plastic composition. The portfolio is now being extended by two new ÖLFLEX® products, which offer customers a host of new advantages thanks to their high-quality choice of materials.

The ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 128 H BK SC is a halogen-free single core cable, made especially for building cabling. The power current sheathed cable has a CPR Cca classification according to EU Directive 305/2011 (BauPVO/CPR). Compared to typical installation cables such as N2XH, its flexible design makes it easy to handle and install. Halogen free and highly flameretardant materials reduce the risk of flame propagation, high smoke density and toxic flue gases in the event of a fire. In addition, the ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 128 H BK SC offers high electrical safety thanks to its 4000V test voltage. With its smart yet high-quality material selection, the single core is particularly cost-effective. The areas of application in building cabling are very diverse.

The new single core can be used universally for wiring control circuits inside machinery and across plants, is suitable for fixed installation and occasional movement without tensile strain and can be used in both dry and damp interiors. Jürgen Beck, Product Manager at U. I. Lapp GmbH: “With the halogen-free ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 128 H BK SC, we’re being proactive because classification under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is becoming a crucial argument for the use of cables in buildings in more and more EU member states. That’s why we’re continuously expanding our portfolio in this field.”

LAPP now also has the ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 115 CH in its portfolio for building cabling to meet special fire protection requirements – a true all-rounder! It has a halogen-free core insulation and sheath compound and combines many properties that are crucial when using a halogenfree cable. The materials used are characterised by high electrical safety, high flame retardance, (cold) flexibility and increased oil resistance.

Another special feature is that the cable comes without an inner sheath and is thus particularly compact. “This makes it thinner, more flexible, lighter and cheaper, but still very sophisticated in terms of design,” emphasises Jürgen Beck. This cable also has a particularly high fire behaviour in accordance with the EU Directive 305/2011 (BauPVO/CPR). The new cable also has higher oil resistance in accordance with DIN EN 50363-4-1 (TM5) as well as UL OIL RES I and OIL RES II and, thanks to a copper braiding screening with a high degree of coverage, it guarantees ideal protection against electromagnetic interference. It also provides high electrical safety thanks to 4000 V test voltage. The UL certification also allows the product to be used in North America.

The application ranges for the new ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 115 CH are very diverse. It can be used universally for wiring of control circuits inside machinery and across systems, for example in baggage systems at airports. It’s suitable for fixed installation and occasional movement without tensile strain and is ideally suited for dry, damp and particularly oily environments. Thanks to the HFFR outer sheath made of special compounds, the cable is largely resistant to acids and alkalis and can even be temporarily used outdoors. Flexible use is possible at temperatures down to 30 °C.


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