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Configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 with new expansion module for drive monitoring

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The new motion monitoring module PNOZ m EF 1MM2DO from the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 now also offers cascading and delayed shutdown functions in the field of safe motion monitoring. By monitoring up to eight safety functions on one axis, the new motion monitoring module provides efficient drive applications, thereby protecting both capital goods and the machine.

In conjunction with the base unit PNOZ m B0 or PNOZ m B1, PNOZ m EF 1MM2DO monitors an axis safely up to the highest category PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 or up to SIL CL 3 of EN IEC 62061. The module covers up to eight safe monitoring functions on one axis, e.g. safe stop, safe operating stop or safe speed limiting.

Safe linking of events

In addition to the two safe semiconductor outputs the new motion monitoring module also has a cascading input and output. Should the whole system switch to a stop state, integrated cascading enables you to configure a delayed shutdown and to link to other modules. Advantage: Should one module shut down, then all the linked modules will also be shut down via cascading. As a result of this controlled shutdown, capital goods and machinery are protected equally, flexibly and fully, guaranteeing high availability for the machine.

Axis safety = production safety

All motion events that can be set up via the new module are configured in the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator (from Version 10.13): An independent module program (mIQ), which controls the safe digital outputs directly, is created for each motion monitoring module. Direct control enables a fast reaction time, with the outputs shut down in under 12 ms. This means that if any set limit values are exceeded, if the maximum speed is exceeded for example, then this is reported immediately. In the event of an error or if any protected areas or detection zones are violated, a safe and reliable reaction is triggered. The fast reaction time protects human and machine against consequential damage from the event.

Open for different motion scenarios

Via the industrial, extremely stable Mini I/O interface from the motion monitoring module, all common incremental encoders can be connected using drive-specific connection cables. So safe, efficient axis monitoring can be retrofitted simply and flexibly, even for existing plant and machinery.


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