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New igus drive technology configurator

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Lead screw, gear rack or toothed belt drive? Miniature or heavy-load axle? Motor or hand wheel? Looking for the right linear module is time-consuming. This is exactly why igus has now developed the drive technology configurator. After the application parameters are entered, the smart product finder shows the customer all suitable drylin drive technology solutions along with their service life. Depending on the filter settings, the user can choose the optimal linear module system and further configure and order it with compatible accessories such as motor and control system.

To help customers find the right linear module for their application, igus has made a new drive technology configurator available free of charge. The online tool uses application data such as installation position, load, stroke length, speed and self-locking to make suitable product suggestions that fulfil the customer’s requirements. “The special feature is that with the help of our test data from our in-house laboratory, we can make a lifetime statement for each linear module as well as the motor load in the individual application and display them online. The customer can be sure that the module will work reliably and maintenance-free in the machine and system”, says Michael Hornung, igus GmbH’s International Product Manager for drylin. Other filter options such as for usage conditions like high temperatures or food service can be used to customise the selection further.

The user can then continue to equip the module with suitable accessories as desired. This allows everything from manual operation with a hand wheel to the right motor to a control system. “By displaying and selecting only compatible products, we give the user confidence that they will get a linear module that be connected right away”, says Hornung. The price is automatically calculated and shown in the application. This allows the effects of the selected options, including on price, to be considered, which also eliminates time lost to queries. In a final step, the configuration can be stored or forwarded, the parts list and technical information downloaded, and the linear module ordered with a mouse click.

drylin SLN: small linear modules for big tasks

With drylin drive technology, igus offers linear modules for a variety of application areas. These may be for format shifts in the packaging industry, measuring in inspection and testing automation, or adjustment in laser marking systems. The core of all systems are self-lubricating plain bearings made of igus high-performance polymers, which are characterised by precision and reliability, a long, predictable service life, freedom from maintenance and resistance to corrosion.

The linear module product range includes drylin SLN. The miniature linear module is designed for the smallest installation spaces and moves on the low-profile drylin N linear guide from igus. The compact series offers users three carriage versions and a plain bearing or a ball bearing mounted lead screw. The module is used in laboratory analysis systems, pipetting technology and sensors, amongst other applications – wherever handling must be performed in very tight installation spaces.


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