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profichip® TRITON now with VxWorks SR660

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The latest profichip® TRITON from Yaskawa is available with a new board support package (BSP) for VxWorks: the chip now features the latest service release SR660. An extension of the product range to include embedded Linux is planned for next year.

As a powerful processor based on VxWorks, the profichip® TRITON is particularly suitable for motion controllers and robotics controllers, but also for other controllers in industrial automation. The new board support package now offers additional features such as support for an open source stack for OPC UA, precise synchronization options for all interfaces and extended basic functions for TSN. The combination of a powerful multi-core architecture and the latest RTOS technology means maximum flexibility for the user. This enables easily scalable platforms for a wide range of products at attractive system costs.

All-in-one chip

Even in its updated form, the profichip® TRITON combines industrial gigabit-capable Ethernet communication, a fast and reliable backplane bus system and a powerful multi-core processor. It therefore offers a future-proof, flexibly scalable solution for customized systems with a low total cost of ownership. It can be easily integrated into environments with all common Ethernet-based protocols or classic fieldbuses.

The chip has three cores. With support for the embedded Linux operating system to be implemented soon, the chip is also ideal for developing new types of controllers for future generations of machines, powertrains and robots. The all-in-one solution provides new functions for fast calculations, real-time industrial communication, reliable and synchronous backplane communication and secure encryption.

The current high-performance processor was specially developed to suit industrial environments: It can therefore withstand even the highest temperatures, as they occur due to small housing dimensions, high ambient temperatures or in a closed control cabinet, without a decline in performance. It is also protected against external interference by using ECC memory to minimize data error rates in the system. The aim was to achieve the most advanced interfaces, fast computing cores, minimal power loss, an integrated backplane bus master and a communication interface for industrial Ethernet protocols. The power-saving profichip® TRITON is particularly renowned for its low power loss and high single thread performance for motion-controlled applications.

This has a number of benefits for the user. Since active cooling is no longer necessary, costs and maintenance are reduced. The dimensions are also much smaller as a result. In addition, Yaskawa enables fast time-to-market deadlines due to short delivery times, extensive support during development and easily differentiated levels of hardware performance thanks to flexible chip architecture.

Integrated backplane bus master

The integrated backplane bus master allows the creation of a high-performance I/O system: Slave chips as well as software libraries and starter kits can be ordered directly. And last but not least, Yaskawa simplifies the process of setting up a complete automation system by providing the processor, fieldbus/Ethernet ASICs and backplane bus ASICs from a single source.


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