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Integration of Trumpf focusing optics and Motoman robot for remote laser welding

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Yaskawa updates and expands its range of solutions for automated laser welding with Motoman robots: the new Trumpf I-PFO function package for the current MOTOMAN YRC1000 control generation taps into all the benefits of Trumpf programmable focussing optics in a simple and technically consistent way.

Metals can also be welded remotely using a laser beam, i.e. with a long focal length. The requirement here is programmable focusing optics (laser scanners), as developed by Trumpf with its PFO series. Such systems are often used in conjunction with industrial robots. In a superimposed movement (“on the fly”), the robot continuously guides the laser scanner over the workpiece, while the focusing optics directs the laser beam to the weld seams at high speed by means of two mirrors. This achieves excellent cycle times, minimal non-productive times and extremely high laser ON times.

A new technology package featuring the latest generation of MOTOMAN robots and the Trumpf I-PFO is now available for this highly dynamic and precise welding process. It is easy to operate and programme since the process control is fully integrated into the YRC1000 robot controller and the robot’s hand-held control unit.

Trumpf I-PFO function package

Specifically, the Trumpf I-PFO software calculates the future positions of the robot’s tool tip (TCP) with a lead time of 24 ms. The captured position data is transmitted in real time via Ethernet UDP communication. The data format is an easy-to-use XML protocol. By means of an additional VNC function, the Trumpf I-PFO menu can be visualised on the robot’s hand-held control unit.

Laser welding with MOTOMAN robots

The new Trumpf I-PFO technology package expands the range of solutions that Yaskawa offers for robot-based laser welding. The portfolio includes robotic components (e.g. high-precision robot kinematics, controllers and positioners) as well as complete turnkey robot laser welding cells.

The MOTOMAN GP180 has proven its effectiveness, especially for guiding the PFO head, which Trumpf has also tested and certified together with the I-PFO function package. The 6-axis robot model with 180 kg load capacity combines a large working range of 2702 mm with a compact design and therefore minimal space requirements.


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