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Three-level terminals with push-in connection

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CONTA-CLIP expands its terminal block range featuring push-in connection for 2.5 mm² cross sections, adding the new PIKD three-level initiator terminals and multi-wire terminals.

Push-in connection allows for easy, time-saving wire insertion without tools. The PIKD line is designed for 500 V rated voltage and 20 A rated current. The terminals can withstand a rated surge voltage of 6 kV. They comply with overvoltage category III and pollution degree 3.

The compact terminals are 5.1 mm wide, 56.2 mm high and, depending on the model, 86 mm or 102 mm long. Their slim, tall housing geometry and wire insertion from the top enable optimized use of the available space in control cabinets.

Various models cover different signal and power distribution scenarios: PE terminals, terminals with vertically connected levels for potential distribution and combined PE and feed-through terminals. Special shorter versions with a reduced number of contacts are supplied with the same height to enable uniform connection levels in cramped installation situations.


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