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Stepper motors with attached controller

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Stepper motors are currently experiencing a true renaissance. Many still think of Far East products that are more noticeable for their typical noise than for their performance. Yet sophisticated stepper motor controllers nowadays not only compensate for the supposed weaknesses. They also make clever use of the special stepper motor characteristics and offer functions that are otherwise more commonly assigned to servo motors. These include fast positioning modes, different acceleration ramps, bus connection and status monitoring.

With the new ST XX STE series, MAE combines the high quality of stepper motors developed and produced in Europe with precisely matched high-end electronics that are mounted directly on the motor. These control electronics are controlled via CANopen, EtherCAT or digital inputs. Stand-alone sequence programs are also possible. ST XX STE are therefore particularly suitable for applications in equipment manufacturing, industrial applications and medical technology. Special versions up to IP 65 are available.

All versions operate without external components in the control cabinet and are thus optimised for simple wiring. Even though the high-torque stepper motors do not require a gearbox in many cases, the ST XX STE can use Dunkermotoren’s extensive gearbox modular system for particularly torque-intensive applications.


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