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Rittal expands its range of support arm systems

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Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) often need to be adjusted to people’s different sizes or viewing heights so that machines can be operated ergonomically. Rittal is now providing even more flexible working conditions for everyday production work on the machine through its new height-adjustable support sections. These allow the range of motion to be extended in height and range for greater comfort and ergonomics.

Support arm systems are used wherever machine operating devices or terminals need to be flexibly positioned or moved over an obstacle when moving from one position to the next. Rittal is now offering height-adjustable support arm systems from its CP series with an even longer support section for loads up to 15 kg. This allows the operating terminal precisely to be adjusted to the operator’s body size and operating range, further improving the ergonomics.

The new version has a system length of 1,100 mm, making it 310 mm longer than the previous height-adjustable CP series support sections. Users also benefit from nearly 400 mm more lifting height than with the existing height-adjustable support arm solutions to ensure more flexible machine operation.

The new height-adjustable support section can be integrated into the support arm system without an adaptor. It is mounted on the CP 120 support arm system on the wall/machine side. The support section is attached to the CP 60 system on the machine operator side.

The geometry of the cable tray also gives the operator or plant constructor the space to guide more and larger cables easily through the support section.

Inserting pre-assembled cables with connectors in the new height-adjustable system is also simple. The high protection category (IP 54) means that cables are reliably protected against environmental factors. The protection category is also maintained with the integrated height-adjustable support arm. Cables are safely separated from the moving parts of the height adjustment system, which means that no damage can occur when the support section moves.

Assembly and adjustment made simple

Rittal placed particular importance on one-person assembly when developing its support arm systems. The same applies to the new height-adjustable support arm. The weight is set via an easily accessible screw. Thus, adjusting the system is also very simple. In addition, the appropriate screws at the joints can be easily accessed from outside – even after assembly.


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