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Baumüller DSD2 New options for highly dynamic applications

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The Baumüller DSD2 series of servo motors was developed for highly dynamic applications with special acceleration capacity requirements as well as for quick-changing start-stop cycles.

Available in sizes 28 to 132, this motor can be used, for example, in packaging machines, textile machines, plastics machines, handling units or in robotics. Baumüller now presents an overall length extension for size 100. The DSD2 is now additionally available in overall length XO.

The new option offers even higher acceleration values and significantly higher performance due to higher maximum and nominal torque.

The increases in performance compared to the overall lengths available to date at a glance:

  • High dynamics with up to 6,000 revolutions/min.
  • 15% higher nominal torque
  • Up to 43% higher maximum torque

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