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New DAB10 measuring amplifiers with IO-Link

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The new DAB10 measuring amplifiers with IO-Link simplify commissioning and enable optimum parameterization of additional functions and signal conditioning for all strain gauge-based force sensors of any manufacturer. Thanks to parameterization via IO-Link, users can also profit from these benefits when using conventional analogue outputs. The measuring amplifier is available as an all-IO-Link variant or as a variant with voltage or current output with two additional digital I/Os. Force measurement has never been easier while being future-oriented in parallel.

Flexible adaptation to match your application

IO-Link as a parameterization interface allows for the measuring amplifier being optimally adapted to the specific application requirements. The sensor’s signal range, analogue output and scaling function can be individually parameterized to optimally match the individual application which ensures even more precise results. Thanks to flexible parameterization options, the measuring amplifier can be used with virtually any strain DMS- based sensor on the market.
The result: even more precise measurement results for changing requirements, combined with maximum flexibility in sensor selection and lower costs.

Maximum machine efficiency thanks to additional smart functions

The smart additional functions of the DAB10 create added value without any complex PLC programming effort. This means reliable detection of fast signals in real time with the help of peak detection or synchronous recording using sample & hold functions. Any signal change is detected with pinpoint accuracy. Process value output in the desired units and low-pass filter ensuring the optimum signal-to-noise ratio are just a few of the many product benefits. You can freely select which signal or function is to be output via IO-Link or the analogue output. Two freely programmable signal comparators (SSC) enable easy detection on defined signal states. Flexible I/O (SIO) parameterization allows for function control (teach-in, sample, hold, …) or output of signal states (SSC, alarms, …). This provides you with significant time saving in sensor integration into machines and systems, making data processing extremely easy.

Solving engineering tasks faster

Remote access allows for virtual simulation of sensor functions without the need for physical connection or load effort. This way, commissioning and testing of the measuring amplifier is not only extremely easy but also allows for virtual checks of its interaction with the control system. This enables efficient engineering processes without complicated and elaborate test setups, thus saving time and costs.

With the new DAB10 measuring amplifiers, Baumer offers the single-source portfolio from powerful sensors to intelligent evaluation electronics for application-specific solutions for any kind of force measurement.


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